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November 9, 2022
November 9, 2022
Press Release

Switchboard Health Launches to Modernize Specialty Care

Switchboard Health Launches to Modernize Specialty Care

BOISE, Idaho Nov. 9, 2022 -- Route 66 Ventures, a Virginia-based health technology venture capital firm, announces today the launch of Switchboard Health. The company launches with a national network of virtual specialty clinic partners. Accessible through a single platform, its specialty care network will help payers, health systems, employers, and at-risk providers augment their current care networks with virtual clinic services. As a result, their patients will benefit from more timely, affordable, and convenient access to specialty care.

Switchboard addresses several pressing industry challenges: Clinician shortages, rising labor costs, increasing costs, and heightened consumer expectations. The solution will support provider organizations that are taking on global risk as part of new value-based care programs like the ACO REACH model. 

“Our team has seen many promising tech-enabled care delivery companies emerge in the past few years,” says Ben Britt, managing partner at Route 66 Ventures. “We believe in the promise of this space and are excited to launch Switchboard Health to catalyze scale and impact for virtual care providers.”

The concept incubated for nearly a year within Route 66 Ventures. Following extensive market validation, Route 66 provided initial funding and brought on Derek Baird as co-founder and CEO. 

“I’ve seen how challenging it is for my family members to navigate our healthcare system,” said Switchboard Health’s co-founder and CEO, Derek Baird. “They struggle to access timely and affordable specialty care, much of which should not require an in-person visit. If they are lucky enough to find an appointment slot, the onus falls on them to coordinate follow-up and close the loop with their primary care physicians. There’s a huge opportunity to do better.” 

Following several years of sizable venture capital investment, there are now many specialty-specific virtual care companies with proven results. Switchboard Health brings them together in an integrated platform that supports coordinated, integrated care for issues ranging from cardiovascular disease to women’s health to autoimmune disease.

For payers, providers, and employers, Switchboard Health makes it easier to incorporate these virtual clinics into their services. Now one platform can offer support from virtual care providers like Heartbeat Health, Paloma Health, and Confidant Health.

“We are excited to be part of the Switchboard Health Network,” says Pete Celano, senior vice president of business development at Heartbeat Health.  “We see great potential for their platform to bring scale, engagement, and impact for patients who use solutions like Heartbeat.”

Switchboard will go live with a set of early adopter primary care partners in the first quarter of 2023.

The company’s co-founder and CEO, Baird, is a digital health industry veteran with 20 years of experience in healthcare technology. He was mostly recently the executive chair for GoCheck Kids and also served as senior vice president of growth for AVIA. Baird holds a bachelor’s from the University of Washington and an MBA from the UCLA Anderson School of Management.

About Switchboard Health

Switchboard Health helps payers, health systems, employers, and at-risk providers leverage virtual care solutions at scale. Its national specialty care network of vetted virtual specialty providers improves care access, lowers costs, and provides much-needed support to patients seeking timely specialty care. Switchboard is headquartered in Boise, Idaho and led by digital health veteran, Derek Baird. The company launched in 2022 with the backing of Route 66 Ventures.

About Route 66 Ventures

Route 66 Ventures is an investment firm focused on early stage investments and incubations in health and financial technology. Our team aims to help fuel transformational companies that make a positive, noticeable impact on the world. For more information, please visit r66.vc

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