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January 30, 2024
January 30, 2024
Press Release

Switchboard Health and ConferMED Partner to Increase Specialty Care Access

Switchboard Health and ConferMED Partner to Increase Specialty Care Access

Boise, ID – January 22, 2024 – Switchboard Health and ConferMED have partnered to bring together a powerful set of capabilities to improve specialty care access and outcomes. The companies are integrating ConferMED’s eConsults solution with Switchboard Health’s specialty care platform. The combined offering will support provider and health plan initiatives to improve access, optimize specialty care decision-making, and reduce unnecessary costs.

Primary care practices are the first clients to use the integrated solution. They will order eConsults from their EHRs to receive expert medical feedback from ConferMED’s network of nearly 300 specialists. If the provider-to-provider consult confirms that a specialty care visit is needed, the Switchboard platform will identify a high-value specialist based on cost, quality, insurance coverage, availability, and other attributes.  Switchboard suggests traditional care options, plus virtual specialty care models from the Switchboard Partner Network.  This network covers a broad range of specialty areas and includes more than fifteen partners such as Oshi Health, Vori Health, Heartbeat Health, and more.

“This partnership marries two important solutions to improving specialty care,” said Daren Anderson, MD, ConferMED President. “We are excited to work with Switchboard Health to bring this integrated offering to provider groups and health plans.”

Like primary care groups, health plans also seek to improve specialty care access and outcomes for their members.  Switchboard and ConferMED will also bring an integrated solution to payers to optimize specialty care pathways and more effectively address members’ care needs.

“We know that creative partnerships are required to address the many problems that plague specialty care delivery,” said Derek Baird, Co-founder and CEO at Switchboard Health.  “This partnership with ConferMED is a natural fit and we look forward to jointly delivering substantial results.”

About Switchboard

Switchboard Health helps providers, health plans, and employers identify and coordinate high-value specialty care services. Our national specialty care network improves access, lowers costs, and provides much-needed support to patients seeking care. For more information, visit www.switchboardhealth.com.

About ConferMED

ConferMED allows primary care providers to communicate and exchange information rapidly and securely with medical professionals from all major specialties. We continually add specialties and have the capability to deliver eConsults to providers in all 50 states and territories. For more information, visit www.confermed.com.

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